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Lorenzo de' Medici

Vintage Reproductions - FAQ

Vintage Reproductions - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


I have an old Medici Print - what is it worth?


The Medici Society Ltd have been publishers of Open Edition Prints for over 100 years. We only sell new reproduction and do not deal in the second hand market. Values of prints can vary depending on fashion, date of printing (this is very difficult to ascertain unless it is printed on the reproduction) and the quality of the print – i.e. has it faded or is it damaged? In our view the people that are best qualified to conduct valuations are reputable Art Dealers or Auction Houses. Please do not call us for a valuation as we cannot give you one. We are also unable to recommend any Art Dealer or Auction House.


I have a framed original picture with a Medici Society label on the back – who is it by and what is it worth?


Since The Medici Society Ltd was founded in 1908, the company has not only framed its own reproductions and those by outside publishers but has also framed original paintings for sale and original artworks brought in for framing by members of the public. Unfortunately we do not hold records of historic picture sales or framing orders so are unable to help you with identifications or valuations. Again, in our view the best people to help you would be a reputable specialist Art Dealer or Auction House. We apologise that we cannot help you any further than this.

For all other enquiries please contact The Medici Society Limited, T: +44(0)20 7713 8800 E: