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Lorenzo de' Medici

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Winter Landscape

Albert Dubois-Pillet


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Artist Biography

Albert Dubois-Pillet (1846-1890) grew up in Toulouse, trained to be an army officer and was stationed in Paris between 1880 and 1889. He received no formal artistic education, initially producing traditional still lifes which were accepted at the Paris Salon between 1877 and 1879. Contact with the Impressionists led to a change in his style, and his work was consequently rejected by the Salon from 1880. He had a deep admiration for the work of Seurat and Pissarro, inscribing a painting of the Quai de Lesseps. Rouen, with the words ‘hommage à Pissarro’, His association with Seurat and Signac led to his assimilation of the pointillist technique small dots of colour juxtaposed in a scientific manner to create the shimmering effect of light on solid form, Dubois-Pillet was less rigorous than Seurat in his application of the scientific theory behind the technique, although his forms reveal a deliberately naïve simplicity in accordance with the Neo-Impressionist conditions that ‘a composition should have simple lines and be “readable”.’ Dubois-Pillet played an important rôle in the formation of the Société des Artistes Indépendants in 1884, established by artists rejected by the official Salon in order to hold regular exhibitions of their work without the encumbrance of selection by jury. Dubois-Pillet volunteered to write the statutes for the society, and his studio on the Quai Saint Michel became the ‘nerve-centre’ of the Indépendants. He exhibited with the group until 1889 when his army superiors, suspicious of involvement with what they regarded as a subversive institution, posted him to Le Puy. In 1890 Dubois-Pillet succumbed to a smallpox epidemic in the town, and was paid tribute to by the Indépendants at a retrospective exhibition held in the following year.

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